Inspired by coastal form, colour and light

I create hand built contemporary vessels, inspired by my discovery of the salt marshes and tidal coastline that surround me, where sand and stones, plants and birds, water and sky perform a complex dance to tidal rhythms – every element bearing the unmistakable stamp of its origin.

This indefinable yet distinct sense of place is what I have set out to capture in my work.

A sense of place

As you walk along a beach, your eye is often drawn to a particular stone or shell. Who knows what it is that makes it stand out from the crowd, and as you pick it up you admire its colours, texture and form before putting it in your pocket. Its soft edges feel good in your hand and tells the story of its long journey through the hands of many waves and tides.

As the stone dries the colours become muted, more in keeping with the tones of the surrounding beach. I look to capture the feel of that precious stone with its softness and evolving form that comes from the natural weathering process.

My aim is to create artwork that embodies the peace that I find when contemplating the tidal coast, both at large and small scale.

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